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Warranty, Maintenance & Operation


  • R & Y Engineering with Kleenburn; provide a 12 month parts and labour warranty depending on equipment.
  • R & Y can provide regular full service of equipment at 6 monthly intervals including replacement parts. This will ensure equipment stays in good working order and complies with all necessary Government legislation.
  • R & Y will provide written instructions on operation and personal tuition to the authorised employees upon installation of the equipment.
    Only those trained employees are to use the equipment.
  • The equipment is not to be moved or altered in any way, without the express written consent of Kleenburn or R & Y Engineering.
  • The user shall use the equipment for the disposal of approved material ONLY. The user shall maintain the equipment in a clean and proper condition; having regard to the terms in relation to maintenance set out herein.
  • Any parts damaged, other than by reasonable wear and tear, shall be replaced at the cost of the user.
  • The user is responsible for all expenses incurred in connection with the operation of the equipment, including electricity and gas where required.
  • Should maintenance to refractory work be required, R & Y requires a minimum of 48 hours equipment downtime, prior to repairs, to allow the refractory to cool down sufficiently to enable safe access by our team.
  • R & Y can provide a breakdown service for the equipment as necessary and shall endeavour to be onsite as soon as practicable.

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